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What's In Our Sensor?

  • Dylos DC1100: Laser particle counter that provides large and small particle counts.

  • DHT22: Digital temperature and humidity sensor

  • Raspberry Pi: Runs Python script and receives digital data from Dylos and DHT22 sensor. This data is stored internally in a CSV file and is transmitted to a google sheets.

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The Airly Sensors

  • As apart of our outreach project we began employing the Airly PM+Gas Type 1 sensors. These sensors allow for the detection of Particulate matter 1, 2.5 and 10 (denoting the size of the particles) as well as NO2 and O3 (nitrogen dioxide and ozone). The kit as seen below comes with the following items:

  • Two mounting holds

  • Power cable

  • Disinfecting surface wipes

  • A user manual

  • The Airly sensor (dependant on which model was purchased)

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