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Frank Sanchez

Chemical Hazards Program Director in Environmental Health - Georgia Department of Public Health

Introducing Franklin, affectionately known as Frank, a dedicated professional at the Georgia Department of Public Health. As the Chemical Hazards Program Director in Environmental Health, Frank's mission is to safeguard communities from harmful chemicals. Leading a crucial project funded by the ATSDR Cooperative Agreement grant, Frank and his team are tirelessly assessing hazardous waste sites across Georgia. Their goal? To mitigate risks and protect people from exposure to dangerous substances.

With a background in Microbiology and expertise in Cellular/Molecular Radiation Biology from Colorado State University, Frank brings a wealth of knowledge to his work. But beyond his professional endeavors, Frank finds solace in nature. Whether he's tending to his garden, embarking on outdoor adventures, or experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, Frank knows the importance of finding balance and joy in life's simple pleasures!

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