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Spencer Tomlinson

Environmental and Sustainability Project Manager- Atlanta Housing

Introducing Spencer Tomlinson, the Environmental and Sustainability Project Manager at Atlanta Housing (AH). In his role, Spencer ensures that every affordable housing project undertaken by AH complies with the National Environmental Policy Act, guaranteeing safety for residents and the surrounding environment. From soil and groundwater testing to lead, asbestos, and mold inspections and remediation, Spencer oversees it all, ensuring that AH's homes meet the highest standards of safety and sustainability.

Beyond his day-to-day responsibilities, Spencer is a key member of AH's Sustainability Task Force, collaborating with local partners and nonprofits to promote energy efficiency improvements and seek out grant opportunities for sustainable initiatives among AH residents. Before joining AH, Spencer honed his expertise at the University of Georgia's Office of Sustainability while pursuing his Masters in Environmental Economics and Management. Now, armed with his extensive experience and passion for environmental stewardship, Spencer is an exemplary example of a hard worker creating meaningful impact on both housing and sustainability efforts in Atlanta.

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