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Soha Sewani

Emory University Undergraduate Student

Soha (she/her) is a first-year student and Robert W. Woodruff Scholar at Emory University, where she plans to study health and public policy analysis. She is an active member of the Emory Climate Coalition, carrying on her passion for climate justice from high school where she was Chair of the Sustainability Committee and a part of Keep Sugar Land Beautiful. As an advocate for girl’s rights and equity, Soha also
joined Plan USA’s Youth Advisory Board in 2023 but has been involved in the organization since 2021 in capacities such as a Takeover at AstraZeneca for International Day of the Girl in 2022. Currently, she is working on a menstrual health campaign, plans monthly workshop sessions for the Youth Leadership
Academy, and generates social media content.

Recently, her pediatric genetics research with Texas Children’s Hospital about a rare mutation in the BAZ2B gene was published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics. She has continued her passion for science at Emory as an undergraduate researcher at the Goldsmith Lab, where she studies a potential protein target for patients with high-risk relapse of neuroblastoma, a pervasive pediatric cancer.

In her free time, Soha enjoys dancing on Emory’s Karma Bhangra team, listening to the entire Taylor Swift discography and helping run her Etsy shop with her older sister!

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