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Eri Saikawa

Eri is an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences, Emory College and jointly appointed in the Department of Environmental Health at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. Her main research questions are related to the source and the magnitude of emissions linked to air pollution, ozone depletion, and global warming, as well as the impacts of these emissions on humans and on the society.

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George Morales

George is a sophomore at Emory University currently pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science. He has a passion for learning new technologies and designing high-quality software, as well as an aptitude to gain more industry experience. He is interested in developing software and teaching others about the hardware and technology used behind our operations and work that are impacting the community and environment for the better!

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Grace Regnier

Grace is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Physics. Her interests include environmental justice and science education. She hopes to promote an interdisciplinary approach to science that is informed by and accessible to voices within a community. She currently works with the AirEmory team to monitor air quality at local schools.


Flora Chen

Flora is a third-year majoring in Computer Science and Quantitative Science. She is currently working on AirEmory website and air quality data.

Srisha Jayakumar

Srisha is a third year undergrad majoring in Environmental Science on the health track. She is interested in studying the effects of mining on climate change, as well as socio-environmental justice and science education through interdisciplinary approaches.


Ana Cristina

Ana Cristina is a third year from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic studying Chemistry and Industrial Engineering. She is interested in atmospheric chemistry and combating change to current air pollution conditions.


Scott Yae

Scott is majoring in Chemistry and interested in how air and soil pollution affect human health. Currently, he is working on analyzing air quality data from Airly sensors using bias-correction models. He is also excited to work on the air pollution education.

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Kelsey Park

Kelsey is a sophomore studying computer science and mathematics, and pursuing a career in software development. Kelsey currently works on front-end development through the AirEmory website, and data science through analyzing and plotting various data collections.

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