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Children's Health Study

in the Westside of Atlanta

During a previous project, we discovered large and toxic amounts of lead in the Westside of Atlanta. Research shows that very high levels of lead can negatively affect the quality of food grown in the area, outdoor activities, and childhood development. Help us learn more about this human health issue, which impacts you and your community’s safety.

We are looking for households from the Westside with at least one child between six months and six years old to participate in our study, which involves understanding and lessening children’s exposure to heavy metal and metalloids and other chemical contaminants by better estimating children’s soil ingestion rates. ​

Caregiver participants will be asked to:​

  • Complete questionnaires during home visits​ (an initial visit once enrolled and follow-up visit 6 to 18 months later)

  • Allow the collection of paint, dust, and soil samples from their household during home visits​

  • Allow trained researchers to collect capillary blood and urine samples from their child during home visits​

  • Attend optional quarterly Town Hall meetings to be informed of study findings​​

Each caregiver will receive: ​

  • $40 incentive for their time​ (and $15 for each additional child enrolled) during each home visit

  • Their household's soil, paint, dust, and child's exposure results

  • Educational materials about soil contamination and exposure​

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