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Air quality


  1. Combustion of plastic waste and human health effects in Guatemala — The goal of this cluster randomized trial is to develop and evaluate community-level working groups that aim to reduce household burning of plastic waste, a common exposure in rural low-income communities globally. Findings will be used to develop impactful community-driven public health actions in socially- and environmentally-disadvantaged communities in rural Guatemala.

  2. Understanding the impacts of air pollution exposure on respiratory health among races and immigration status: Chinese, Indian, and American populations in Atlanta, Georgia — 
    We are interested in understanding the air pollution exposure level and respiratory health of migrant populations from China and India residing in the U.S., compared to U.S.-born Chinese and Indians, as well as U.S.-born Whites and African-Americans.

  3. Implementing Active-Learning Modules for Enhancing Environmental Education and Air Quality and Soil Contamination Our project goal is to enhance environmental education, surrounding air quality and soil HMM pollution in Georgia, especially in West Atlanta. To meet this goal, we will develop year-long interactive activities on air quality and soil contamination in Atlanta that we will conduct and disseminate with our partners

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