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Brendan Wasser 

Senior Commercial Director - Bioenergy Devco

As a Senior Commercial Director at Bioenergy Devco, I specialize in developing innovative anaerobic digester projects that contribute to food waste diversion and sustainable energy solutions business and communities. My journey in the renewable energy sector began when I founded a development firm in 2017 dedicated to exploring alternative energy sources. Over time, my focus narrowed to anaerobic digestion, a field where I've now been able to make significant contributions to the circular economy through large-scale landfill diversion of Organics to AD. 


Originally from Vermont, my passion for energy and sustainability was deeply influenced by the state's rich natural landscapes and history of renewable energy innovation. This passion, particularly in the waste management side of the industry, has driven my career and aligns with my personal commitment to preserving the environment. I am honored to serve as a judge in this sustainability competition, where I look forward to engaging with students to foster their creative ideas and help them become future innovators in the space.

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