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Eri Saikawa

Professor, Winship Distinguised Research Professor of Environmental Science, Director of Graduate Studies, Director of Emory Climate Talks - Emory University

Hello, I'm deeply immersed in interdisciplinary research focused on understanding our environment from various perspectives. Over the years, I've delved into diverse projects spanning atmospheric chemistry, environmental health, biogeochemistry, climate science, and environmental policy. From modeling aerosols and tropospheric ozone to assessing the health impacts of air pollution, my work aims to shed light on the complex interactions between human activities and the environment.

My primary research inquiries revolve around identifying emission sources contributing to air pollution, ozone depletion, and global warming, and assessing their impacts on both human health and society. Additionally, I'm keen on exploring policy measures to mitigate these emissions and examining the political dynamics influencing policymaking processes.

Currently, I'm engaged in several intriguing projects, including estimating global soil nitrous oxide emissions, quantifying Asian air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions, and analyzing the impacts of emissions from specific regions on air quality and health. These endeavors represent a continuous quest to deepen our understanding of environmental challenges and pave the way for informed policy decisions.

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